Recent Studies

JITI is an independent research institute which studies various kinds of US-Japan and international transportation issues. Our scope covers all modes of transportation, including air, maritime, and surface transportation, and interrelated topics such as economic aspects and environmental impacts. Recently, we have been particularly focusing on civil aviation, environment, and high-speed rail issues.

1. Civil Aviation

During this long recession, shrinking demand has had serious impacts on the airline business. While each airline is struggling to survive through improvement of efficiency and reduction of its service, strengthening alliances among airlines is a recent significant movement. We would like to follow such movements and study this topic further.

2. Environmental issues related to transportation

CO2 emission reduction is a current hot issue. Since President Obama committed to a great reduction of CO2 emissions, the transportation sector has to take effective countermeasures against global warming, but it may require a significant change of policy and behavior of the people. On this issue, further study is required.

3. High-Speed Rail

Discussion on high-speed rail is getting more and more active since the new administration announced plans to develop a high-speed rail network throughout the nation. Fortunately, Japan has vast experience in high-speed rail since 1964; therefore, JITI can contribute to the realization of a high-speed rail network in the USA.